Pandanda Summer Festival 2011 Arrives To Pandanda!

Pandanda Summer Festival 2011
You’ve waited a whole year, and now it’s back – the Pandanda Summer Festival! Starting tomorrow, June 16th, Pandanda will be turned into a tropical paradise. Relax under the palm trees as you enjoy the sun, sand, and music.

Don’t relax too much, though! Keep your eyes open for the Festival Pineapples that will be popping up all over Pandanda Land. You’ll want to collect those to trade to Kapono for his cool Summer Festival Prizes! For you Questers, there will be one extra Quest each day during the Festival.

The Pandanda Summer Festival is around for just two weeks, and will end on Thursday, June 30th. It’s going to be so much fun in the sun! I can’t wait!

See you around Pandanda Land!

Summer Fun – Pandanda Style!

Source: Henry’s Blog

Summer Fun the Pandanda Way!

Summer in Pandanda Land is really starting to heat up! The Summer Festival will begin next Thursday, with pineapples to collect and trade for cool prizes. And don’t forget to get Zing’s prize before he leaves Sunday night!

Check out the Pandanda Calendar – it has been updated with awesome events coming in July! And there’s more surprises to come. I’ll be letting you know more about these events as they get closer.

And here’s some great news – the Henry Tracker is working! It will show you when I am online, so keep an eye on it. I will usually let you know in advance when I plan to visit Pandanda, but sometimes I like to just pop in and surprise everyone!

If you want a Henry tracker for your blog or website, just click the Images & Widgets button on the right to visit the Widgets page.

Party on, Pandas!


Ohh! I am so looking forward to the Summer Festival again! Wonder what the prizes will be this year?


Henry’s New Blog Theme!

Aloha Pandas!

I apologize for the inactivity on this blog, however I have been very busy with school lately which means less time for Pandanda =(.

I have not done a poll in a long time but the last one had over 30 votes, so I thought it was time to do another!

New Home for Henry’s Blog!


Hello Panda Pals, and welcome to the new and improved Henry’s Blog! Doesn’t it look awesome? I am so excited about my new Blog home. I am planning to add polls and other surprises in the weeks and months to come. This is just the beginning!

Check out the new layout! There are buttons to easily follow Pandanda on Facebook and Twitter, and links to the Images & Widgets and Desktop Wallpapers. You can get to the Membership and Panda Gold pages right from the top of the blog, as well as jump right into Pandanda with the Play Now button.

I really like the new Official Blogroll. The position of the blogs in the lists will change as the blogs are updated. It lets you see who has the most up-to-date Pandanda info!

The new address for Henry’s Blog is – how’s that for easy-to-remember? But don’t worry if you forget it. If you go to my old blog on, it will redirect you here.

Speaking of my old blog, we accidentally left off a name in Saturday’s Level 50 post – RanRan was also one of the Super Questers who had reached Level 50 by June 1st. Congratulations to him, and to EVERYONE who is working hard on Quests!

I’ll be letting you know more about the cool new features of my blog soon. Did I mention that I’m excited about my new blog? I hope you will be, too!


Even More Level 50 Questers!

More Pandas Reach Level 50! April 20th, 2011
It has been a couple of weeks since the last time I recognized Level 50 Super Questers. Lots more pandas have been working hard on Quests since then. So, let’s give a big Pandanda Congratulations to these pandas who have reached Level 50!
1FierceDude Angelina67 bubbles221 claudinha
cutetiger Duder esperansa2 ezabel
FairyDust happy17 hunte kuddlewuddle
LaylaM Lingoes8 mariette mgrsc
Mystic pandidza Pandora1617 peanut8848
renoso33 rossey22 Rtlryan sikibok
Sophie16 squibbles96 TheBFG tuta48
Veronka wato8 YodaAds  

Keep working on those Quests, and you may see your name in my Blog when you reach Level 50, too!

And don’t forget, this Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day! Steve McClean on East Market Street will be paying double coins for any bottles and cans you find around Pandanda so he can recycle them. I’ll have more Earth Day information soon!

Party On, Pandas!

Ask Sheriff Steele: Passwords

Hello citizens of Pandanda Land!All of you know that I want you to keep your accounts safe, so you can keep on having fun in Pandanda. I received a question the other day that I want to share with you all. It is about a problem that seems to be happening more and more. I hope you will pay close attention! Pandanda online game for kids
 Dear Sheriff Steele,

Someone in Pandanda told me that if I tell them my password, they will get me a free Elite membership. Somebody else said they would give me millions of coins if I tell them my password. I really want to be an Elite member! Is it ok to tell them my password?

A Confused Panda

Dear Confused,

No, it is not ok to tell them your password. If you tell your password to someone, they can go on your account and do whatever they want. They could sell all of your things, delete all of your friends, and even get your account banned. If this happens, it is your responsibility. Pandanda will not be able to give your items back to you or restore your friends list.

It is impossible for anyone to give you millions of coins. And the offer to buy you an Elite membership is probably not true. You have no way to know for sure if they are telling the truth, or if they are just trying to get your account. Do you want to risk losing your account forever?

Please, do not let anyone convince you to tell them your password. Another player told me that someone said they would ban him if he didn’t tell them his password. That is also impossible. No player can ban another player, even if they send lots of reports. Only Moderators and I can ban players.

Be smart and safe, my panda friends! Keep your password to yourself, and change it soon if you have ever told it to anyone.

Sheriff Steele

Wow, the other day I saw this panda asking others to make her friend a elite. I remembered seeing this alot in Dizzywood, however you should never share passwords as what Sheiriff Steele mentioned.

Also be wary of pandas asking for your password, especially sometimes in contests.


Pandanda’s New Clothing Catolog!

New Clothes Catalog Friday! January 20th, 2011
Pandanda online game for kids Hey everyone!

You may have noticed on the Pandanda Calendar that there will be a new Pandanda Collection clothes catalog available this Friday, January 21st! This one’s packed with plenty of awesome winter attire to keep you warm and toasty and protect you from all those snowmen running around!

You can view the new Pandanda Collection Catalog tomorrow by talking to Fitch at the Clothing Co. off East Market Street.


Pandanda’s New Calender Events!

Aloha Pandas!

Pandanda has updated their Calender with new events!

Date: Event:
November 15th 2010 Zing Returns to Pandanda!
November 22 – 28 2010 Thanksgiving Week
November 25th 2010 Thanksgiving Day!
December 12th 2010 Zing leaves Pandanda!
December 15th – January 3rd 2010 Winter Festival
December 25th 2010 Christmas on Pandanda!